Hybrid mobile applications

100% merit-based environment in a team of passionate professionals
that help and teach each other every step of the way

Hybrid mobile applications

Access to any learning resource:
courses (Pluralsight, Coursera etc), books, conferences,
internal knowledge sharing sessions, you name it

Hybrid mobile applications

Challenging projects with the newest technologies and technical freedom
to choose the best architecture and tools for the job

Hybrid mobile applications

Unlimited home office

Hybrid mobile applications

Flexible working hours

Hybrid mobile applications

Excellent compensation
correlated 1-to-1 with performance

Hybrid mobile applications

Open-door policy

Current Openings

Fullstack Javascript Software Engineer

Keyword soup:

Typescript Node Angular React HTML CSS SQL/NoSQL AWS Heroku

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QA Automation Engineer

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Appium Selenium Java SQL Mobile Cloud

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Fullstack .NET Software Engineer

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.NET Core MVC WPF Windows Services HTML CSS SQL/NoSQL Azure

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Our Recruitment Process

What kind of people are we looking for?

a.k.a. "what project will I be working on if I join?"

We DO NOT hire on a/for a project. We generally have several projects we work on, with several technologies or stacks, so it's essential for people to be able (and willing) to learn new things and switch between them.

We value solid computer science knowledge first and foremost. Think algorithms and data structures, design patterns and principles, OOP, distributed systems design, these kind of things.

Knowledge of any of the technology stacks we work with (.NET and Javascript) is a big plus. By "knowledge" I mean "in-depth knowledge". We want people who like to peek behind the curtain and learn / understand how things work under the hood.

We appreciate candidates that are fair in their expectations and are willing to work hard to prove themselves. By this I mean that it's very hard after some discussions to gauge someone's "level". So, more often that not, if we make an offer, it comes with an associated "gap analysis", i.e. a list of things that we think could be improved.

Finally, we don't value work experience as quantified by time that much. That is to say, whether you've been working professionally for 0 years or 20 years, what really matters is your knowledge, smarts and work ethic.

How long is the process?

We try to keep it pretty simple, so we have 2-ish steps:

Screening call
~15 min
~1-2 h

You can begin the process by applying below.
We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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Screening call
~15 min

This is a ~15 minute call (phone, zoom, skype whatever) where we ask some (super) basic go/no-go technical questions. We also switch roles and the candidate can ask us similar questions (technical or otherwise). The goal of this call is to establish whether there's a basic fit and we should continue to the interview

The questions are pretty basic and also skewed towards computer science more than a specific technology, see above as to why.

~1-2 h

This is a ~1-2h discussion, i.e. there's no code-writing involved, about various topics, in-depth, split in two big parts:

A. General questions. These are not related to a particular technology and will be similar to the ones listed here.

B. Technology-specific questions. These will be tailored to stuff you know For example if you know .NET and React, we'll ask you about the. If you don't know Typescript, we won't ask. Regardless of technology, the questions are mostly (99%) related to principles, mechanisms and design decisions. We have very few (almost none) API questions. Rather, we ask stuff like what is listed here.

99% of the questions are open-ended. We DO NOT ask API or "trivia" questions, those can be looked up. We ask about principles, mechanisms and generally how stuff works. We go into it as deep as we can.

The discussion is two-way: at any point the candidate can (and should) ask us questions, of any kind.

At the end of the technical discussion we always switch roles so the candidate can ask us about, well, anything.


We almost always give a "No" answer straight-away.

In case of a possible "Yes" we will get back with a complete written offer, including compensation, benefits and (often) a concrete learning plan with the gaps we identified during the interview. We'll schedule another meeting to discuss the offer. As with most things in life, most everything is negotiable, however we (as mentioned previously) try to be as fair as possible and our offer reflects it. In fact, many times, having known a candidate's expectations in advance, we presented a better offer as we felt the candidate was deserving of it, according to our company's reference system (that is to say, the compensation of our existing colleagues).

We learn your business
How to apply

If you got this far, thank you!

I hope that by now most questions you might have had have been
cleared up and your interest is piqued. If you feel you resonate with our
values and culture and would like to apply please:

Apply here

As a final note: we're ALWAYS looking for talented and passionate people to join us, regardless of whether we have work lined up or
not. So, the job postings on the website are almost perennial. Still, if you're in doubt about them, or feel you have a unique talent or
would simply like to talk to us, don't hesistate to write us, we're happy to chat.

Meet our team
Adrian Hara

Managing partner and geek wannabe

Mihai Coros

Fearless leader and Co Founder
Software Architect at InfiniSwiss

Alexandru Mahu

It's automation! NOT automagic.

Razvan Popa
Razvan Popa

QA - Technology passionate and Gaming enthusiast

Diana Dumitrescu

My work, my passion. In God we trust all other we test!

Dumitru Bereghici

Strings of code, woven into .NET magic

Raznan Cosma
Razvan Cosma

*Insert cool quote here*

Claudiu Zalinca

I strive for clean code, for it is the path to the light side of programming.

Alexandru Ciobotariu

Eat, pray, love!

Raoul Sulimovici

Leave the world (and your code) better than you found it.

Monica Ratiu

HR guru, people connector, admin wizard - keeping the gears turning

Apply here

Alternatively, you can apply by simply sending us an
email, ideally accompanied by your CV, at:
[email protected]